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These reviews are based on our personal experiences with the individual cash for gold companies and our rating reflects our feelings regarding our transactions with them. Your experience with the gold refiner/dealer may fare better or worse. But we always try to give the most accurate representation of what you are likely to find.

It is always a good idea to do your own research and find the company that works for you. We do these reviews because it is important for anyone looking to sell their gold to understand that very few online gold buyers will actually give you what your gold is worth. You would be surprised how many cash for gold businesses payout less than half the current price of gold. And not everyone has the time to properly look through and research the hundreds of gold buyers that are out there today. We hope these reviews will give you an idea of what to expect and will help you to make a wise decision.


Cash Payout: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Customer Service: ★★★½☆ 

Turn Around Time: ★★★☆☆ 

Shipping Insurance: ★★☆☆☆ 

Overall: ★★½☆☆ is another cash for gold site that doesn’t list much information on their website. They are a Richmond, Virginia based business but other than that you can’t find out much more about them. They have no Better Business Bureau accreditation which all legitimate refiners have. Also they don’t have their payout listed anywhere on their site. They have a “Double Cash Back Guarantee” but that is only if you find a better price at the same rates they offer (i.e. really low rates).

We sent them a collection of a few 12-14k pieces of jewelry worth about $340. It took 4 days to get word back from them and when we  finally did we were outraged. The check was for $74.22. I don’t think we need to say much more about them. I would strongly encourage anyone still looking into them to think carefully about it and take the time to check out a few of our other reviews first. If you can’t take the time to do that then at least consider Empire Gold Buyers who has some of the highest payouts of any gold refiner.

Refinity ReviewunratedHal Young2012-01-07 is another cash for gold site that doesn’t list much information on their website. They are a Richmond, Virginia based business but other than that you can’t find out much more about them[…]
Refinity ReviewHal Youngunrated2012-01-07 is another cash for gold site that doesn’t list much information on their website. They are a Richmond, Virginia based business but other than that you can’t find out much more about them[…]

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  1. do not use this company!!!!! i recently decided to sell some of my old gold items that i no longer wear. i had been given two independent quotes for my gold of approximatly £750.00. After looking online British gold refinery were promising to cut out the middle man and pay approximetly £900.00 for the amount of gold i was selling. Their promise is to pay within 24hrs. I sent off for my gold pack and received it the follwing day. i sealed it up and posted it off in the provided envolope on the 18/08/11. on the 29/08/11 i received a phone call from British Gold Refinery with my quote. they quoted me appoximetly £450.00 pound. Surprisingly i wasn’t happy, they then offered me £500.00 which still didnt match the two independant quotes i had received. I requested that they return my gold to which i was told i would have to pay £50.00 to get it back. if only i’d read the terms and conditions!!! at this point i was livid. In my heart of hearts i had a feeling i would not be seeing my gold again or any cash. One of the T&C was that i must reply in writing within three days of refusing their offer. I searched there website to no avail. There was no address to be found on the website and i not taken note of the pre-paid envolope address to which i posted my gold. I phoned the company for an address to write to, to which they told me it didnt matter about a letter, i didnt need to send one. They said they would email me with bank details of which i must deposit £50.00 within seven days or my gold would be refined. With no address i had no idea what to do if i didnt receive my gold back so i set upon some research about the company. The only thing i had was their company house registration number which all company’s must have. (company house registration number 7124263) The company address registerd was Weston knightly Ltd, 1st Floor, 2 woodbury grove, North Finchley, London. At this point i phoned Trading Standars for advise. They then did a bit of research and came back with another address of 788/790 Finchly road, Golders Green, London and a Mr Abbass Vaid or Viad, not quite sure of the spelling. I tried to find a phone number for these addresses but unfortunatly got nothing. I then realised i had my reciept from the post office which had a post code on it of the address to where my gold was sent which came back to address in Manchester, Wilmslow Road but no number. I checked on my tracking number to see when they received my gold and my package was signed for by a Mr Zaman. I then spent all day trying to contact British Gold. One phone line just rang and rang and the other number i had was repeating the message that the offices where shut due to maintenance. I tried again the following day to my relief they answered. I asked personally to speak to Mr Zaman and they then asked if they could phone me back. within 5 minutes they contacted me and offered me £680.00 + my £50.00 returns that i had deposited into their account. No doubt i took the offer as i feared that i wouldn’t see my gold again and they had already sold it on or refined it, which i don’t actually believe they are a refining company. This company is just ripping people off. I do believe if i hadn’t done some research and found out who is running this scam (Mr Zaman) inccidently which is why i presume the company was shut for maintinance on the Tuesday is because it was actually Eid on that particular day. It is also amazing what things you can find out via the internet eg: its people search address, phone numbers etc. I was also told that he was only the person who designed the web page….! But he signed for my gold. First of all i hope people arnt reading this after sending off their gold. I hope people read it before and be aware that this company is ripping people off. Always read the T&C as i didnt unfortunatly. If i had alarm bells would have rung first and i wouldnt be writing this.

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